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Vicki "scooter girl" FlaugherHowdy! My name is Vickie Flaugher and I am the writer and entrepreneur behind Smartwoman Publishing.

All about the books, baby!

At Smartwoman Publishing, my mission is multifaceted. One facet of what I do is all about publishing. I use this platform to share my fiction short stories and non-fiction mini books. Call it ego, call it mission, but I have been driven to share my expertise, thoughts, and feelings with the world, so here I am. It’s an impulse I can’t deny and it’s also like an itch that simply needs to be scratched. If you’re a writer or creator, you understand (SO glad you made it here – welcome!).

Awakening the artist within

Another part of my mission is to help other people express themselves as well. I truly believe that each of us are interesting and have a unique story to tell. It’s exciting to witness the transformation that occurs when the artist inside of a person, long denied and neglected, comes to life.

I live for that moment, so I also share writing resources, creativity tools, publishing how-to and interviews with industry professionals. I will be blogging about awakening the artist within, overcoming your resistance to expressing yourself, as well as practical ways to be more creative in all you do, and yes, even finally write that book that nearly everyone has inside themselves.

Another aspect of awakening the artist within is the use of content in business. I do not see business as a non-creative exercise, but rather a way for us to express ourselves in another arena. If you just like to write, create with pictures, stories, and words, you can use that skill to be financially successful. I think content is a fun place to explore, and doing so in a way that energizes our core is exciting to me. You?

Out with the boring!

I believe that the future requires us to bring forward our unique selves, our glorious and quirk-filled personalities. It doesn’t pay to try to be someone else, so I figure we should all own who and what we are. You will see a lot of that in my books.

You won’t find mind numbing tomes like what you were forced to read in school here. You won’t find the same ‘ole same ‘ole formulaic crap that lacks personality and creativity. The vote is in – out with the boring! I will do my best to earn your attention.

Reading should be fun

I adore page turners and don’t think reading should be a chore. Short fiction stories (under 15,ooo words) and non-fiction how-to mini books (approx 5k words) are what I mostly do. Yes, sometimes I let a longer one through, but it’s only because the story demanded a longer telling.

A fun story, moving message, or a kick butt and innovative technique is what I strive for. You are the one who gets to tell me if I’ve succeeded or┬ánot, ok?

New media rocks

The publishing world has been turned upside down with digital publication. More authors – creative, intense, and talented artists – can now express themselves more easily than ever before. The door has swung wide open and the key has been thrown away! As a fan of the Long Tail, I celebrate this innovative opportunity. The more the merrier, I say.

New media demands the ability to be adaptive and flexible, prolific and uber creative. My most sincere hope is that you get what you need to become more of those things here.

Get involved and stay in touch

The Blog:

On the blog, we’ll talk about the publishing industry, how-to for writers, ways to market yourself, and ways to bring creativity into all areas of your life. In general, ways to use our content to make our life fun. It’s a journey – I am on it, and I am inviting you to join me.

On Amazon:

You will find the SWP selection of Kindle books for sale on Amazon. Please rate and review the releases so I can know what worked the best for you.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to growing with you.



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