Getting More by “Doing” Less

The creative process fascinates me. I enjoy the almost indescribable feeling I get when Source flows through me to deliver an inspired idea.

Sometimes an idea is delivered complete and I can barely move my fingers across the keyboard or my pencil across my drawing pad fast enough to capture the download of it. Other times, it seems to play hide and seek, revealing itself in bits and pieces like following a meandering path that is definitely headed somewhere wonderful. Still other times, it points the way to other points of inspiration that end up being the “real” story I was being shown.

What I have noticed, at least for me, is that “trying” is rarely part of it. Pushing for an idea hardly works. It feels more like pulling teeth when I reach for inspiration rather than stand ready to receive it and I end up with a result just as bloody and painful as that metaphor suggests.

So, I am playing around with the idea of getting more by doing less, chilling into the happy spot where I have successfully found inspiration before. Nature is a great trigger for me, as well as wonderful food smells, music, dancing, cute puppies, adorable babies, and sexy convertible sports cars. I think we all have our touchstones and I appreciate the focus expended to cultivate these avenues.

All of these things seem to reach inside of my psyche and urge ideas out. It’s a great feeling and I spend my time on getting to those trigger points and letting Source do the rest.

Wanna hear someone else’s point of view on creative genius? Here is Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love.


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