I’m Free, I’m Free!

Free at last to set sailWell, my social media umbilical chord has been cut. I have deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts. The first step is done. I am free to set sail!

I feel lucky. I only caught small amounts of flack. Perhaps people were being politely silent, which is fine with me, but mostly, I got rousing support. The different reactions fell into several main categories – jealousy, regret that they could not join me, intrigue and curiosity, and hell yeah me too.

I will be researching and writing a book about this experience. I intend to go social media untethered for a year. We shall see if the story is compelling enough to share. Maybe it won’t be…but I bet it will. I also bet that my year will flow into a lifetime off social. The future remains unwritten.

My first inclination, for this first post of my free flying days, was to make some philosophical statement about where I see social media going. I had some predictions ready and some trends discussion. Blah, blah, blah.

I decided to ditch that for a more emotional presentation.

I AM FRIGGING HAPPY TO BE FREE! Yes, I violated the all caps rules but I am OK with that. I feel so relieved!

Almost immediately after I hit the deactivate buttons, I felt the anxiety melting off of me as I realized I no longer had to check in or check on or check up or check anything. For the last several hours, it has just continued, like a melting snow cone. I am free of my ball and chain!

My mind has raced with several things, mainly how I am going to structure enough meetings and phone calls into my life to stay in touch. Even with my hermit tendencies, I still love my friends. I want to be able to show them that.

I’ve thought about mapping out my work for the next few weeks. With all the extra time I will be having, I do not want to squander it. I want to make a good plan.

I’ve thought about how I am going to load all the emails I’ve been given to stay in touch into a system that will let me stay organized as I explore a new landscape of communication and relationships.

As it turns out, I spoke or Skyped with several people right away. It was nice. I liked it a lot. I had coffee with a friend. I was reminded of the joy of human touch. All good stuff!

I have identified the tools I’ll be using to reach out to the network I had built in more personal ways than day to day social. I have decided which websites I will continue to blog on. I drank some beer. All in all a good day.

I will be moving this discussion toward publishing mainly again as soon as my new website is ready. That will be sometime in the next few days.

Hopefully you will follow me to my new home where I will talk about whatever I please, but mostly the experience of being a global citizen in a connected world and the skill sets I believe we need to function well in the future.

I am fascinated with melding the advances in technology with the advances of our psyche into one beautiful hot mess of artistic and emotional interesting. I will do my best to present my point of view in a way that is worth reading. Please play along as you see fit.

For now – I am free! Woot!

Be well,

Vicki Flaugher

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