Who Do You Write For?

Every writer looks to find their voice and their message. They craft their words with a gentle hand, they walk around like a thesaurus waiting to explode in a creative burst of awesomeness, and they meditate on the perfect turn of phrase to capture their inner vision.

Even setting aside the larger metaphysical discussion of true art vs commercialism, I’d ask you this – who do you write for?

Audience consideration…or no?

Some writers I speak to say there is no authentic and worthwhile work if you consider the audience. You have to isolate yourself away from any thoughts of the reader and let the story decide for itself.

Other writers consider their audience from thought #1, choosing words and characters that cater to the ultimate reader. They reverse engineer a story from the expectations of the audience and basically, give them what they want.

Still others have a blend of these two extremes.

Are you stuck in the wasteland between?

The part that concerns me is this. Too often, I see writers stuck in the great wasteland that exists between “true” art expression and a deep (almost desperate) desire to earn a living from their avocation.

I hear their yearnings for financial reward for the many hours they spend. I hear their cries for satisfaction and fulfillment. I feel their pain when they literally have to write to be themselves, but they are afraid that their inner voice is so twisted, out of the norm, or self-indulgent than no one would care anyway.

Yoda says…

As one of my favorite sages says “There is do or do not. There is no try.” At some point, you have to choose where your allegiance lies. Personally, I’ve seen both great and horrific stories generated from both sides of the arguments.

So, my post today is less an answer than a question – who do you write for? I’d love to hear your comments.

Keep writing!

Vicki @Smartwoman Flaugher

[graphic by Joi]

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