Cool Writers Product Alert: Scrivener Writing Software

When I saw this, I had to try it. And, man, I was not disappointed.

Are you the type whose desk is overflowing with notecards about plot development, story arc, and character descriptions? Do you do indepth research for your crime novels, or historical biographies and need to stay organized? This is a great tool for you to try.

And, yes, you can try it for 30 days free to see if you like it. Score points for the creators, because that’s 30 days of actual use, not calendar time. So, if you’re an on-again, off-again type of writer, you don’t burn your trial up as the sun sets every day. Cool.

Check it out and see what you think. I got my version and am playing with it. Am excited to put all these great features to work. Enjoy!

Here’s the Windows Version:

Buy Scrivener for Windows (Regular Licence)

Here’s the MAC version:

Buy Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence)

Fair Use and Disclosure Notice: I am an affiliate of this product. If and when you buy, Smartwoman Publishing will receive a commission for the sale. Thank you in advance for supporting us.

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