Woman’s World Magazine Called…OMG!!

Yes, I am over the moon thrilled today. Through a series of very wonderful events, I was contacted by Woman’s World Magazine to be interviewed. The interview will be on newsstands the last week of September.

Follow the path here for a moment, and take away whatever lessons you may from it.

In January 2013, I quit social media. The local newspaper technology writer, Omar Gallaga, was writing a story about digital overload and social media fatigue, and he caught my final tweet. He reached out to me, interviewed me, and published it in the Austin American Statesman. Cool, right? I thought so (thanks, Omar!).

Months later, the creative editor of Woman’s World Magazine was searching Amazon.com for experts on helping women get out of “a rut”. Just so happens (if you still believe in coincidences), I wrote a book on that.

BUT…since I quit social media, she was having a hard time tracking me down. She reached out to Omar, who passed on the message to me, and I got connected. Howdy do-dy, eh?

If I were to suggest a moral to this story, it would be this. Do you thing. Get it out there. Keep doing it. Align with your True Self and get to it. Be nice to people. Respond quickly to reporters. Stuff happens and you need to be ready when it does.

Can I get a yeehaw? :-)

If you’d like to check out my book, please do. I will be creating a workbook and a course to accompany it soon.

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