What is the Future of Publishing?

Over the last decade, we have seen a phenomenal sea change in publishing of all sorts – books, music, newspapers, photography, movies, and more. The electronic and online options  and tools – e-books, websites, smart phones, digital cameras  - have exploded the old school paradigm and enabled us all to be creatives.  Go team!

To hear the media spin it, social media, troll-like tendencies, and a never ending stream of video dominates and weakens our already fractured and exhausted attention spans. The worst doomsday mongers even posit that the modern world erodes the very focus people are willing (and able) to exercise toward their goals and desires  -  and even threatens to destroy true thinking itself. Oh, my!

Wha..what?…wait…wait…the whole world’s attention is going to hell in a handbasket and no one cares about  _____________ (insert your favorite publishing related rant phrase – good grammar, unique content, unconventional ideas, or anything other than a stale overworked reboot)?


Nah, I am not buying it. Maybe I live in a bubble, but my tribe relishes a great book, thrives on intricate wordplay, and can’t seem to build enough shelves to house all the tomes they love! They go to movies in theaters (along with their home stream, sure). They host viewing parties for season finale episodes of their favorite cable shows, sometimes with show specific options for food and drink. Heck, some of these freakizoids still journal by hand in cursive. WOW! Way to kick it old school, right?

So, why the cheeky nudge? Because I say we spend our attention where we prefer. The options have enabled us to have choices that were never there before. Millions of people have found a voice that simply did not have one before. The gatekeepers of the past have been overrun by a democratization of information and access that enables entirely new businesses and products to be created. That’s cool, way cool.

Do I think we can get distracted with our gadgets? Sure. Do I think humanity is doomed? Hell no. The future excites me and I believe that some of the greatest inventions, songs, books, and art of all time are yet to come. We live in exciting times.

I, for one, cannot wait…what about you?



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