What We Do

Smartwoman Publishing specializes in creating, repurposing, packaging, productizing, publishing, promoting, and licensing great content. Imagine me saying that with excited, bated breath filled with optimism and a delighted giggle, and you have grasped our focus.

We feature content from our favorite interesting niche dwellers, style makers, and world wanderers, like the following:

  • Culinary creatives – chefs opening new restaurants, cookbook authors, artisan food producers, and food as connection bloggers and speakers
  • Artists – photographers, painters, jewelry makers, dancers, poets, and performance artists
  • Musicians – indie singer/songwriters, performers, and bands
  • Inspirational geniuses with a fun point of view – you know who you are…
  • Revealing conversation starters – those radical, awesome change makers who love this world and want to share their unique corner of it with all of us

We favor artists, authors, inventors, innovators, women entrepreneurs, and global minded business people. We adore an idea whose time has come. Our hearts lie in the belief that love and kindness are profitable business tools and that joy is paramount.

Sounds too crazy or ?? Maybe. Frankly, if it’s not for you, click away. The Internet is full of competition, argument, and plenty of dark messaging. I don’t choose to focus on that, so I don’t. I don’t watch much TV or follow “news” either. If you need something to push against to feel successful, move on. There’s nothing to see here.

BUT…if you enjoy the idea that people are fascinating, that compassion has a place in every day life, and that strangers – all strangers, the stranger the better – have something to add to our lives, then please stay – you have found a welcome salon to visit.

We offer a finder’s fee for anyone who introduces us to someone who ends up being our client. If you want to know a little more about the perfect profile, just reach out and we can talk. It takes a village, you know. :-)